Cafe de l europe SPA InteriorDear guests,

Welcome to our recently revamped restaurant. Café de L’Europe, a restaurant-brasserie known for its long-standing cherished traditions, is happy to offer a wide selection of European and local dishes from our distinguished chef.

The name “Café de L’Europe” dates back to the 18th century, when the Belgian town of Spa became a prestigious vacation destination of European nobility. The privileged visitors gladly took advantage of the various local attractions including the casino, promenades, theaters, and of course the renowned thermal baths. That was when the town was nicknamed the “Café of Europe.”

Even today, one can hear French, English, German and even Russian spoken at the tables of Café de L’Europe.

Located in the heart of Spa, our cozy restaurant tempts passers-by to come in for an hour in the middle of a busy day and enjoy one of our exquisite meals, to put aside their worries and let us take care of them.

Our à la carte menu offers a great variety of dishes. Our chef meticulously selects the ingredients for each dish, making sure to use only fresh produce; however, we also pay attention to how the meal is presented and served, making it a true feast for the eyes.

We invite you to spend some time enjoying a relaxed atmosphere and a meal prepared with care, love, and creativity. At our restaurant, anyone will feel comfortable and at ease, be it an outing on a special occasion, a date, or a reunion of old friends. Our cozy climate and tasty food, as well as affordable prices and friendly staff are always at your service.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Café de L’Europe. We keep our door open, and always have a variety of special offers for our guests. Our diverse cuisine, friendly waiters and attractive interior design are sure to make you want to come back.